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Thank you, Dr Vaz & Team at “About Braces” for your TLC in the past 1.5 years :) It has been a good journey (I actually felt sad when he took off my braces! Noooo😔), & money well spent :)

I still have the habit of gurgling my mouth with water after every meal. It has been a long day at the clinic - x-rays, scans, photos, scaling polishing, fluoride treatment & ‘imprints’ thingy for my whitening kit & retainers. Tiring, but feels good. My teeth will be naked for a week, after which my retainers will be on ;)

Time for workout w Papa Dom! I don’t think I’m fuelled adequately though, hope I don’t faint later. Haha. 💪💪😋🐷

One more day to TGIF!!!😍😍

#100shalomdays [Day 80] #braces (at Dr Stefan Vaz - About Braces)

There is no distance between you and God. His Holy Spirit lives and dwells in you. When you feel like He’s far, it’s just the enemy trying to convince you that He is, but He hasn’t and He never will. From the moment you accepted Him into your heart, until you meet Jesus in heaven, He will be by your side in every moment. He hears you when you speak to Him, and He is faithful to answer. He is with you child, forever and ever.

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